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Extending a Family Tradition

Preplanning and prepaying your funeral not only brings you and your family peace of mind, it also protects you and them from inflation.

Millions of people each year are taking care of funeral expenses as a regular part of estate planning. All funds paid are held in tax-free, growth-fund investments in your name. You own and control the investment.

The fund is guaranteed, with our contract, to cover the costs of the services and merchandise you select, no matter what the actual cost of the selections are at the time the funeral is provided. In fact, if the investment funds grow to exceed the amount required, your beneficiaries will be refunded the difference.

All accounts are transferable to any other funeral home, at any time, without penalty.

With the guidance of Bob Riege, our Advanced Planning Counselor, funeral choices are explained, selected and recorded. Bob has been helping families arrange meaningful services, and is experienced with Medicaid qualification regulations. He is available to meet with you at the Funeral Planning Office in downtown Rochester, at any of our five funeral homes, or he can also come to your home if that is more convenient.

Making these decisions ahead of time eases the emotional stress for families.

Funding these choices ahead of time eliminates the financial burden for families.

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